As our valued customer:

  • You have the right to considerate, respectful, and timely pharmacy care.
  • You have a right to competent counseling from a pharmacist to help you understand your medications and use them correctly.
  • You have the right that all communication, discussion, and counseling will be conducted so as to protect your privacy.
  • You have the right that all prescription records and discussion pertaining to your drug therapy will be treated as confidential, and that the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will emphasize the confidentiality of your information to any parties entitled to review your medical information and records.
  • You have the right and are encouraged to obtain relevant, current, and understandable prescription drug information concerning medication therapy and treatment from pharmacists and other direct caregivers.
  • You have the right to make decisions about your plan of care prior to and during the course of treatment and the right to refuse a recommended treatment plan of care.
  • You are entitled to the opportunity to discuss and request drug information related to your specific drug therapy, including possible adverse drug side effects and drug interactions.